They sleep late. The night is the most fantastic time for smart people. Sleeping late is not a matter of being busy, or working, or partying. The real smart people usually have trouble sleeping simply because the night is when every single though on absolutely everything comes to mind. Smart people takes an average of one hour to two, or even up to three hours to be able to fall asleep. The reason is: There is a tremendous amount of activity in the brain, which makes smart people think, and think, and overthink.

They talk to themselves. During the day, same as during the night. Smart people think. They discuss subjects They’ve been wanting to discuss. They talk, they complain, they argue all to themselves. Talking to oneself helps smart people get a clear idea of the subject they’re trying to understand. It’s like rehearsing, but for things that only they know.

They know what they don’t know. Smart people do not need to prove themselves. They know what they know, and they know how much they know about what they know. They are not afraid of saying that they do not know something. They understand that is better for them to accept what they don’t know, and be aware of what they need to learn rather than pretending to know something and making themselves look stupid.

They are funny. Albert Einstein was very funny. According to the study of researchers Gil Greengross and Geoffrey Miller from the University of New Mexico they discovered that humour was a common trait among the smartest subjects of their experiment. Being funny displays an understanding of the meaning of words and are capable to create jokes out of nowhere. Smart people usually tend to be a bit happier (Not Always.)

They are messy. Intelligent people tend to be themselves, and it is believed that the only way to greatness is to be oneself. Smart people are very disorganized. They are not tied to the norms of daily life which makes everyone else act like a robot doing the same thing over and over again.

They say lots of bad words. Again, Intelligent people do not follow the same standards put there by society. It is believed that saying bad words is a sign of openness and an open mind leads to greatness. If you feel offended when someone uses foul language, Fuck-Off.

They drink lots of coffee. As you might have heard already, drinking coffee is a sign of intelligence. Coffee wakes you up and stimulates your brain. Drinking coffee is known to help fight depression and brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and many others. Coffee drinkers either read a lot, work a lot or think a lot and coffee can help to either relax you or give you energy, depending on your body’s reaction to coffee.

They know what to say and when to speak. There are many people out there that speak simply because they have a mouth. It is imperative for the development of relationships [whether academic or social] to learn to speak with valuable, helpful and interesting content. People who talk a lot and provide useless material end up losing the respect of their peers and their peers loose interest in their opinions.

“It is better to be the owner of your silence, rather than the slave of your words.” -William Shakespeare.

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