The story starts three years later. When I found out that children who have been on the brink of death, about to die or actually dying, can see things. Things that normal people can’t and also I found out that John was a ghost.

The story takes place in a river. My friends and I decided to join some church group on a trip to the river. We are really good at swimming. At my young age of 8, I swam faster than an adult. I was swimming through the deep parts of the river, when suddenly this kid, this dumb kid who couldn’t swim comes by floating with a plastic ball, and I don’t know how it happened but the ball bounced off from his hands, and voilá. The kid starts to drown and since I was passing by, he grabs me by the shoulders and down we go. I managed to come up ‘once’ in almost one minute, then I stopped fighting, then I stopped breathing. Then I said, “man, I can’t believe I just died.” Now, my brain is still active, I can remember that all I wanted at that very moment, down there under the water for almost three minutes, all I wanted was just to stay down there, it was peaceful, it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. If it were for me, I would have stayed dead. I loved the feeling of death so much, I felt no worries, no pain, no need to breathe, no need to fight, nothing. It was all peace, it was angelical.

My eyes closed.

Death was so marvelous that, from the time that my eyes closed, and one hour later, it felt like the fasted blink ever. It was like teletransportation. I woke and was taken home. I started feeling anxious every night, I could not sleep. But when I did sleep, I used to have the most dazzling dreams. I never wanted to wake up. I started feeling scared and unsecured. Then, when I used to go out with my grandma and I would see these weird looking people, and I would ask my grandma “Grandma, why would they dress like that?” then she would ask me who, and I would Innocently just point. Then she would say that there was no one there and she would get mad at me. Three weeks or so passed, then I met John.


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