Many U.S. Americans seem to be very interested in the cultures and languages of other people, and if you tell any U.S. American what languages you speak, they will tell you “I so wish to know (blank).” Every person from the Unites States has a language that they cannot resist, they wish to learn and would kill to know. After living several years in the Unites States, I was able to find out why it is that they find it difficult to learn a new language.

No support in schools. When I was in High School, I used to help students learning Spanish with the grammar and pronunciation. A high number of students were almost failing the class simply because they were taught too many rules and not that many words. perhaps it was the teacher, or perhaps the reason was that the students are not shown any type of scenario where they might be able to use these skills. Many of these students were in the class simply because is required to take at least ‘one’ year in another language. There is a lot you can learn in one year, but students lack passion for the language that they are learning.

In many countries of Europe, learning a second and even a third language is very important because they take into consideration their neighboring countries. Having French-speaking Canadians to the North and Spanish speakers to the South anyone could assume that U.S. Americans would know at least two languages.

They do not need to. Everybody else speaks English. When U.S. Americans plan their travels, they are happy to know that ‘They speak English there.’ No matter where an English speaker travels to, there is a high chance that people there probably speak English. In almost all Europe, people speak English. In Central America, English is taught as a second language, as well as South America and the Caribbean. In the Philippines English is now their second language. In Vietnam, Thailand and a huge part of China, and Japan speak English. In Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia an enormous amount of the population speaks English. Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan have English Influence as well. Why is it that all these countries speak and/or teach the English Language? The answer is that they know the importance of the language in their commerce, society, and their nation.

The Unites States is one of the most powerful economies on the planet, and many countries know that.


Written by: Edoardo Cerón


2 thoughts on “Why U.S. Americans do not know another language.

  1. We don’t HAVE TO know a language but if we did it would have two effects. One, we would stop expecting the world to cater to us by speaking English. They don’t speak it everywhere and I’ve often used my Spanish or French skills. Second, learning another language teaches you so much about your first language. Good post.

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