There are movies out there that did not get as much appreciation as they deserved. Whether is due to advertisement budget, or simply because of their release date, these movies seem to have been forgotten while they have a lot of talent to display.

Number Five: Take the Lead (2006)


Antonio Banderas plays the character of “Pierre DuLaine” who is a very educated dance instructor in New York City.

This film based on true events tells the story of a Mr.Dulaine finding an African American boy vandalizing the car of the Director of a public school. The very next day, he volunteers to teach those children to give respect, to have self-confidence, and dignity through dancing. This is an amazing story full of love, hope, and success.

Number Four: Pandorum (2009)


In is fantastic Science Fiction Film directed by Christian Alvart, we join the entire human race in its search for a new planet. Every human is forced to hibernate for hundreds of years, and they take turns steering and managing the spaceship. When Bower (Ben Foster) wakes up, he immediately finds himself in danger due to some dangerous creatures that live in the spaceship. When you put thousands of humans in a spaceship and you leave them there for thousands of years, evolution always takes place. I truly recommend this movie.

Number Three: Heaven (2002)


In this action, love story Directed by the German Director Tom Tykwer; we follow Filippo (Giovanni Ribisi) on the path to help Philippa (Kate Blanchet) finish the job that she went to jail for. Filippo, the police agent working for the Carabinieri in Italy, finds himself in love with this America Teacher working in Italy. Danger, Thrill, romance, and a mixture of English and Italian make this film even more fantastic.

Number two: In the Heart of the Sea (2015)


In the Heart of the Sea is an astonishing film. Directed by Ron Howard, The same man who directed ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ and ‘A Beautiful Mind.’ This film did extremely bad in its opening week, and the reason for that is that this film was released in the second week of December 2015, the same week where ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was released as well. Even though this is a magnificent film to watch, it seems that U.S. Americans have their priorities in order.

Number One: Children of Men (2006)


This masterpiece takes place in 2017, in a time when all women are infertile, and the entire human race is in its apocalypses. Not many people are aware of this film’s existence, or not many people have seen it. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, this film is based on the book published in 1992 by P.D. James named with the same title.

On this film we follow the lonely life of Theo (Clive Owen) who is given a task that he cannot deny; Save the entire human race.

These films are truly amazing and I think that people should watch them, especially, if you are a film student.


Written by: Edoardo Cerón



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