If you’re thinking about learning a new language, you must take certain things into consideration.

How many people speak that language?

Chinese is one of the most spoken languages on earth simply because of the vast quantity of people who speak it. The more people that speak a language, the more useful the language will be for you. Some other highly spoken languages are Arabic, Spanish, and  English.

What is the impact of that language on your economy and society

Since I grew up in El Salvador, which is three countries away from the Unites States, we will take, as an example, the English language. If you are a native speaker of English, you are lucky. The English Language has become one of the most important languages in the planet, and not because the amount of people who speak it, but because of how much it is involved in our daily life. English is the Universal Language of science, every scientist in the world is required to know English,  because of the tremendous amount of input that England and the Unites States provide to the nations through NASA and many other organizations. Technology is another way that makes the English Language so important. Apple, Microsoft, IBM (to mention a few) are companies that provide us with the best of technology in order for us to achieve our daily tasks, and guess what? they are U.S. American.

How likely are you to use it.

It does not matter how much I love, or how beautiful I think that the Russian Language is, I don’t see myself investing too much effort into learning it and master it simply because I don’t see myself depending on it at any point (for now). Learning a new language is a lot of time and effort, therefore I believe that you must take into consideration what you’ll do with the language. Learning a language is a lifelong investment, and since takes some time to learn, and time is money, value it and choose wisely.

Honour your roots.

My friend from Malaysia recommended this one to me, and she is indeed right. If your parents, your nationality or ancestors are from certain place in the world, even know they do not know them, or even if they are dead, as a matter of honour, you might wanna learn that language. The language will give you a sense of why you are who you are, and will connect you to your people. 

Whatever language you choose, love it, keep it, and have fun with it. There is no useless language out there. Every language represents people, and there is nothing more amazing than the sounds of human beings.

Written by: Edoardo Cerón


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