Many people call themselves “Linguists” and have the misconception that a Linguist is a person who speaks three languages or more.

A linguist studies the language, I say “The” language because many linguists usually spend most of their time studying one language (often, their own). Although a vast majority of linguists speak more than one language; when it comes to careers, it is not required.

A linguist is a person who knows everything about their language. The history, phonology, syntax, semantics, grammar, etc. You may speak, understand, read and write more than three languages but that doesn’t make you a linguist, that makes you a “Polyglot.”

The word “Polyglot” comes from greek. “Poly” which means “Many” and “Glot” which means “Tongue.”

Now, when you speak one language you are a “Monolingual.” “Mono” comes from greek that means “single,” or “one.” Then we have “Bi” that means “two.” Bilingual. And last we have “Tri” which obviously means “three.” Tri-lingual. Now, Linguists (the real ones) have discovered that languages are meant to be fluent, and when words are too difficult to be pronounced and/or understood by their own native speakers, Linguists have to make a decision; either fix the word in a way that is easier to say, or create a new one. If you speak four languages, and if you try to call yourself a “Quadrilingual” or “quinquelingual” besides sounding arrogant, it would be a bit difficult to pronounce. These words are too long and also are not often used, if not used at all. That is why, if you speak four languages or more, you call yourself a “Polyglot.” Simply because is shorter, it sounds credible, more professional, and sometimes it can even be a bit exotic.

So, that’s the difference between a Linguist and a Polyglot. Now, if you ask me… I am both.

Written by: Edoardo Ceron.


One thought on “Do you speak more than three languages?

  1. You’re so amazing 😏 I want to be like you 😘 You’re the best example of my family and I’m very blessed because you are making the difference in our family and I wanna make the same 😘 Love you so much Edoardo ❤


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